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TMS Device Comparison

Slide TMS Device Comparison Apollo TMS Therapy System Slide TMS Device Comparison Magstim TMS Therapy System Slide Brainsway TMS Therapy System TMS Device Comparison Slide TMS Device Comparison CloudTMS Therapy System Slide TMS Device Comparison MagVenture TMS Therapy System Slide TMS Device Comparison NeuroStar TMS Therapy System Slide TMS Device Comparison Nextstim TMS Therapy System

TMS Device Comparison | TMS therapy device should be a decision that is carefully made, first considering the most important aspects of each device. For example, the cooling system, capabilities, cost per session, availability of technical support, warranty, and maintenance fees.

Use the below TMS Therapy Comparison Chart to help navigate your decision
TMS Systems CloudTMS Magstim Magventure Apollo Nexstim Brainsway NeuroStar
Per Session Fee NO NO NO NO NO YES YES
Coil Type Angle Fig. 8 Flat Fig. 8 Angle Fig. 8 Flat Fig. 8 Flat Fig. 8 H-Coil Curved
Cooling System Liquid Air Liquid Liquid Optional Air Air
Patient Software Included Included Available Included Included Available Included
Neuronavigation Compatible Compatible Compatible NO Compatible NO NO
Chair Included Sold separately YES YES YES YES YES YES

TMS Device Comparison

A guide to making the best TMS device selection.
A few key TMS system features to consider before purchasing a TMS therapy system
  • Cooling System – Does the TMS device have a liquid-based cooling system? Specifically, these are the best cooling systems and allow the machine to run efficiently and quietly without interruption.
  • Patient Database – It is important to track each patient’s treatment status and record their improvement.
  • No Per Session Cost – Make sure the manufacturer does not charge you a fee every time you use the machine!
  • Support and Warranty – Ensure you have a reliable provider who stands by their warranty. Do they answer the phone when you call? Can they offer quick repairs to ensure your practice is always up and running?
TMS Device Comparison

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We also assist your TMS practice in selecting the right TMS device and equipment. For example, Magstim, Brainsway, CloudTMS, MagVenture, NeuroStar, Nextstim, and Apollo TMS Therapy Systems.

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