True North Integrative Mental Health, a  TMS clinic in Greenville, NC, is the next generation and future of SMEG family Mental Health. Dr. Rogers, the owner of SMEG named her company with the first initials of her children and grandchild. She recently partnered with her son, Ethan Cook (the “E” of SMEG) to form a company that offers a fresh approach to mental health care. We are keeping our family-oriented, hometown environment and matching that with the most up-to-date, state of the science treatments for mental health disorders.

Dr. Rogers and Mr. Cook decided "True North" better represented the fundamentals of our company. A person’s sense of self is grounded by their True North. A person's True North is their fixed point in a spinning world. That fixed point is a person’s most healthy self. It is a person's integrity, core values, uniqueness, knowledge, spirit; it's their core well-being. When a person is engulfed by a mental disorder, they often think, feel, and believe the “disorder” has taken over the things that make them who they are.

Dr. Rogers and Mr. Cook believe people have all they need within them to make themselves healthier. It is our goal to help people rediscover their True North. We do that using a holistic, person-centered, and state of scientific approach to mental health care.  We help them understand they are not their disorder and that the symptoms of the disorder can be managed if not mitigated.

True North, a TMS clinic in Greenville, NC can help you live a much happier, healthier, joyful life. Call today to schedule a TMS consultation visit.


102 Oakmont Dr, Greenville, NC 27858, USA

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Clinic Name: True North Integrative
Address: 102 Oakmont Dr, Greenville, NC 27858, USA
Phone: 252-232-4290
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