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If you are interested in starting a TMS therapy clinic, Metro NeuroHealth TMS & Psychiatry Services offers specialty TMS therapy services for start-ups and existing TMS therapy clinics.

Do you need assistance with TMS prior authorizations, billing, or credentialing services?
MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services is your trusted resource for specialty TMS clinic services.
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TMS therapy is an emerging medical treatment

Learn how to start a TMS therapy clinic and obtain resourceful information to propel your TMS clinic to infinity and beyond.

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TMS Start It Up!™ Program

The TMS Start It Up! Program offers you everything you need to successfully start and run a thriving TMS therapy clinic. Take time to schedule a virtual 30-minute complimentary call.

Send your request to or call 1-833-TMS-HELP.

Connecting TMS Communities™

TMS Directory connects patients searching for TMS therapy to a clinic in their geographic area. The directory is also a great resource for those aspiring to start a TMS therapy clinic. TMS Directory offers information about FDA-approved TMS devices and resourceful information about starting and running a thriving TMS therapy clinic.

For more information about starting a TMS therapy clinic or for assistance in your current TMS clinic, contact MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services. MNH’s team of TMS-therapy experts can assist you with start-up consulting, patient intake, TMS prior authorizations, specialty credentialing services, TMS training programs, and custom website development.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation near me
Dr. Jason Stepkovitch is a TMS therapy certified physician in Marcellus, NY
Transcranial magnetic stimulation near me
Dr. James Sorrell, is a TMS therapy certified physician in Omaha, NE
Transcranial magnetic stimulation near me
A TMS therapy certified provider in St. Louis, MO with two locations.
A TMS & psychiatry consulting, support service, & billing company.

Fasten your seatbelts and settle in while you learn the knowledge you need to take your TMS clinic soaring from infinity and beyond.

TMS Treatment

TMS Clinic Start-Up Checklist

TMS Directory is dedicated to helping physicians and other health care providers start a thriving TMS clinic as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Find step-by-step directions on how to start a TMS therapy clinic and other valuable resources to help facilitate all the necessary steps to get your clinic up and running without making costly mistakes. MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services offers aspiring TMS clinic owners with expert consulting services, provider credentialing, specialty billing services, TMS clinic training, and even offers TMS Start It Up!™ packages that include a custom TMS clinic website.

MNH TMS & Psych Services

TMS Device Selection

Since its initial FDA approval in 2008, there are now a total of seven TMS therapy systems to choose from. Each manufacturer has varying levels of support, priorities for use, and several other features to consider when selecting to meet your needs and budget for a TMS clinic. The most important thing to consider during the TMS device selection process is the safety and efficacy of the system. Performing due diligence is critical. TMS Directory can assist in this process by providing an unbiased overview of each of the FDA-approved systems. Contact MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services to assist in device selection based on your goals and business plan for further assistance with an unbiased opinion from a TMS therapy expert.

TMS Device Selection

Connecting TMS Communities

TMS Directory is America’s #1 comprehensive online directory connecting patients, clinics, physicians, and TMS manufacturers. The purpose of the directory is to allow collaboration across the continuum to enhance treatment protocols and outcomes for patients suffering from specific mental health and neurological conditions and assist patients searching for a TMS to a clinic in their geographic area.

Join us in our journey to optimize patient care through collaboration, education, and support. If you would like to connect with us, drop us a line at, and we’ll respond right away.




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TMS Directory will guide you to an unforgettable lifetime journey.

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