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TMS Directory is a comprehensive TMS therapy clinic directory that offers a wealth of up-to-date information about transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The directory serves as a tool for patients seeking a TMS therapy provider in their geographic area. Our site provides patients suffering with mental health conditions a number of interactive mental health apps and other reliable information about specific psychiatric conditions.

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    TMS Directory connects patients searching for TMS to TMS providers in their geographic area. Aspiring TMS providers can learn about TMS systems and obtain valuable resources and information to assist with a successful start up. The directory also serves as a valuable resource to current TMS clinic owners to obtain information on TMS clinic operations, such as treatment protocols, prior authorization tips, billing procedures, and other treatment modalities to enhance patient outcomes.


    TMS Directory is dedicated to helping physicians and other health care providers to start a thriving TMS clinic as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. For more information on the TMS Start It Up! Program click HERE.

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